Catch-22, Campus Style

University encourages students to report feeling ‘belittled, disrespected’ to bias team

It seems that I have to do all the heavy lifting. Conservatives complain about how liberal colleges have become, but don’t do anything about it. Let me throw out a couple of quotes:

The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.

Sun Tzu

“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground
over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation
to the foe whom he is facing.” 

Sun Tzu

Thus, what is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy’s strategy. 

Sun Tzu

Enough with the platitudes. What have we learned from the quotes above? Still don’t get it? Check out the link and all will become clear.

Hoisted With Their Own Petard
The answer to political correctness

Massachusetts Legislators tried to sneak a bill in during the closing hours of legislative session. It would require Massachusetts driver’s licenses to indicate sex by: male, female or other. Not so fast, said State Representative James Lyons. When last he checked  there were seventy-three distinct sexual inclinations. To lump them all together as “other” would be insensitive and discriminatory. He had the solution; seventy-three amendments to the bill under consideration. Each amendment would require a separate debate followed by seventy-three roll call votes. One for each amendment. The bill was withdrawn.

Still not there? There is a philosophical foundation for the whole “political correctness ” thing. Here is an except of Wikipedia, the lazy man’s reference has to say about him.

Carlos Marighella (Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈkaʁluzˌmaɾiˈɡɛlɐ]; 5 December 1911 – 4 November 1969) was a Marxist Brazilian writer, politician and guerrilla fighter who lived during the 20th century.[1]

Marighella’s most famous contribution to terrorist
 literature was the Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla, consisting of advice on how to disrupt and overthrow an authoritarian regime, aiming at revolution. Written shortly before his death late 1969 in São Paulo, Minimanual was first published in North America by the Berkeley Tribe in Berkeley, California in July 1970 in an English edition.[3][4] Marighella also wrote For the Liberation of Brazil. The theories laid out in both books have greatly influenced contemporary ideological activism…  The Minimanual was highly admired among student revolutionaries in America, Europe and Ireland including the WeathermenIrish Republican ArmyGreek N17, Basque ETA separatists, the Red Army FactionRed Brigades and Direct Action-France.

Marighella died, very suddenly, in 1969, after he was ambushed by police in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Long after Marighella turned into worm shit, his “Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla” still lives. In order to understand the left, it is required reading. For those of you too lazy to bother, I will distill his writing down to a few paragraphs.

Marighella didn’t believe that a small band of guerrillas could overthrow a government. He theorized that guerrillas through “direct action” could demonstrate that the government was inept, corrupt, powerless, and acting against the best interests of the population. As terrorist incidents continued and expanded Marighella predicted that the government would react by becoming more repressive. The repression and demonstrated ineptness of the government would cause widespread dissatisfaction and alienate substantial portions of the populace.

The actions of the government would cause people to rise up.  The guerrillas could then step in to fill the void.

Combine the above, stir, and the end result is a stew. So far the liberals have been dishing it up. It is time for conservatives to change the recipe and dish up their own version. Why not begin on campus?

There is no indication that Sun Tzu ever attended college. There also seems to be an indication that no college administrators ever read Sun Tzu. In creating the politically correct star chambers on campus, they also provided means for their own defeat. Grand Valley State University serves as an example. 

Grand Valley State University has instituted a Bias Incident reporting procedure. Here is what they have to say: 

Grand Valley State University strives to create an inclusive and equitable campus community where people are treated with dignity and respect.  If anyone in the Grand Valley community feels belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity, there is a mechanism to report the incident (see below). The university is committed to safeguarding individual’s constitutional rights to free speech and assembly and we are also committed to addressing incidents of bias that may negatively affect individuals and/or communities at the university. 

The University anti-harassment policy can be found here:

There is no objective  standard set out in the policy. If an individual feels put upon, then that is the basis for a complaint. I suspect most campus policies are but variations on the theme.

A Road map for action

What is a student to do? A first step is to check their campus policy on sexual harassment, bias, and anti-discrimination. Remember the copying machine and computer are your friends. It shouldn’t take more than a case of beer and a small circle of friends, to come up with a handy-dandy form that lists the prohibited conduct in each category (sex harassment, bias, and discrimination). Slap an opening paragraph onto the list that alleges a violation. Include fill in the blanks identifying the accused, time and place. Also include a blank space to describe the specifics of the incident and to identify any witnesses. Finally provide contact information for the complainant.

Anonymous complaints are generally not worth the paper they are written  on. Most allegations can not stand on their own and require a follow-up investigation. Follow-up isn’t possible with nobody to contact. The complaints are quickly filed away with no action, marked “unfounded.”

Anonymous complaints do not offer the protection the writer intends. Check the campus policy on retaliation. Caustic comments, harsh grading, demands that a student leave the class, or assignment of “special seating” or extra homework may all be considered retaliation and call for a follow up complaint. In order to have retaliation the student has to be on the record.

Zero tolerance is the watchword. No matter how silly the complaint seems to be, if there is a violation report it. Don’t make things up. At the same time don’t minimize. If the pro-abortion folks, manning a table on the quad, disparage the wearer’s “Choose Life T-shirt, then all the commentators and the organization should be hit with individual complaints. If a professor singles out students for their “whiteness” then every white student has cause to complain.   

I might go so far to assert that when the college body convened to handle such complaints fails to follow its own guidelines, this would be the basis for another complaint. 

What will ultimately happen to individual complaints? Initially, they will be dismissed out of hand. The point of the whole exercise is to demonstrate that the college tribunal is repressive, inept, and corrupt. With a little effort, it should be possible to generate 200-300 complaints a week. The system probably can’t handle such a workload. (Another reason not to file anonymous complaints, due diligence requires a follow-up).

One thing in favor of this course of action is that the opponents have no sense of irony or humor. James O’Keefe, while a student at Rutgers, complained that the dining halls offered “Lucky Charms” breakfast cereal. This, he claimed, was an affront to students of Irish heritage. Go to breakfast at Rutgers, “Lucky Charms” is no longer offered. 

Could it be that the University of Texas, Austin mascot “Bevo” and “Hook Em Horns” is an affront to vegans? Perhaps the Texas A & M mascot “Reveille” riles PETA. Are these violations of campus codes?

Title IX is the reason so many of these campus “star chambers” have come into being. I think it is entirely appropriate that Title IX be the cause of their demise. I am not an attorney and I have not stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. As a retired police officer I am aware of an individual’s Constitutional rights. Many colleges take the stance that they are not government entities. They have an enrollment agreement with the student and the enrollment agreement controls. In other words students no longer can avail themselves of their right to due process.

When cops violate a suspect’s due process they open themselves up to Federal jurisdiction under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 violation of civil rights. One of the key elements is that the defendant must be acting under color of law. (Claiming legal authority or overstepping the bounds of legal authority).

There is case law that says that when a school accepts Title IX funds it loses its character as a private entity and becomes a government actor. Title IX is the reason for these kangaroo courts. It would seem to follow that the colleges are acting “under color of law.” If that is true then the schools should be held to the same due process standards of the police and district attorney. Failure to do so, could result in either a suit or prosecution under Section 1983. 

This would apply to not only the school but to each individual involved in the hearing. I have seen threats of Section 1983 action against school but no follow through. Whether or not this is a viable tact, remains to be seen. Further research needs to be done by a qualified attorney.

Is the effort worth it? Look at the make up of these disciplinary boards. It appears to me that they are populated with fanatics and paid apologists. The expense is already budgeted. The question is, can it handle 200-300 complaints a week?

The goal is to create enough of a problem to require the school to hire outside counsel. Yeah, there is a budget for such an eventuality, but it isn’t unlimited.

In the beginning, there was a tendency to dismiss the “politically correct” movement as a bunch of silly shit. The liberals took that “silly shit” to build a bureaucracy, that they control. Now campuses have “Free speech zones.” This is America, the whole country is  free speech zone. How long will it be before a heterosexual student is brought up on bias charges because the student declined the advances of a homosexual or transsexual student? Think it can’t happen? Google it. It is time to take the fight to the liberals using the monster that they created.

The left can be defeated. It can be done without placards, marches, demonstrations and shouted obscenities. There is no need for interested parties to hide their identity or faces. College administrations have provided the tools for their own downfall, use them. Some might say I am proposing to fight the system using legal technicalities. They would be right. Good law applied with good intent can withstand legal technicalities. It is the poorly written law and rules instituted with malice aforethought and cynically applied that cannot withstand scrutiny. 

There is one ultimate irony about Marighella’s Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla. The blueprint was followed in Uruguay throughout the 1960’s. As Marighella predicted the government was overthrown. It was replaced by a right wing military dictatorship. Bet he didn’t see that one coming….