Adventures in Gastronomy

Gives new meaning to the term “dinner date.”

Sure am glad I’m in Texas, instead of Indiana. There’s s story attributed to Racehouse Haynes, a famous Texas defense attorney. He was attending a seminar in the Northeast and engaged in a discussion with a couple of Eastern lawyers. They disparaged Texas law pointing out that Texas was rather liberal in allowing a variety of self-defense claims. They pointed out that murderers could go free while at the same time Texas hanged horse thieves. Racehouse Haynes shut them up by pointing out: “In Texas, we realize there are some men that just need killing but we have never run across a horse that just needed stealing.”

This guy was out on parole for a previous murder and aggravated assault, when he killed his ex-girlfriend, removed body parts, and ate them.

The question is: If he enters a guilty plea and has to allocute does he have to give up his recipes? There seems to be a fine line between benevolence (sure we’ll let you out on parole) and enabling.

What would Tony do?