You Are What You Eat

The two articles should have been linked. At least they appeared in the same blog. It took me to belabor the obvious. One article explains the obvious virtues of eating maggots. The second points out that veganism is not as animal friendly, as proponents would have you believe. Don’t look too closely, nothing to see here.

The first article discusses introducing maggots into the American diet. It is a great source of protein that will meet the demand that animal agriculture will not be able to keep up with.

The second article is an expose. It claims that organic sustainable vegan farming is not quite as animal friendly as one might imagine. In fact, vegans surrender the high moral ground. Vegan farmers kill animals to protect their crops. They don’t even have the bad excuse that the animals are for human consumption. Guess they could be compost.

Once again it falls on a broken down old narc to tell the rest of the story. This is no shit…

I pissed off the boss and he saddled me with a narcotics detecting K-9,(Monty) and assigned me to highway interdiction. The theory was that dope smugglers had to travel the highway to get from point “A” to point “B”. The smugglers would invariably commit traffic violations. An alert cop, out to enforce the traffic code, might discover their nefarious purpose during the course of the stop. It was a whole lot more handy to carry a dope dog and ask his permission to search, than carrying a judge.

I found myself hanging out along IH 37 south of San Antonio. IH 37 ran from Corpus Christi to San Antonio. A variety of state roads and U.S. Highways dumped into IH 37 south of San Antonio. It was a target rich environment. What does this have to do with organic farming and maggots?

Okay, here goes. It wasn’t long before I noticed a fleet of semi trucks traveling north on a daily basis. They were all registered in Corpus Christi. They all were equipped with the same type of dump trailer, only they had a enclosed top. Curiosity got the better of me and I stopped one.

Clue number one is the truck stunk to high heaven. The driver was out of the cab and met me halfway with his paperwork in hand. We retired to the bar ditch to conduct our business. The driver was pretty relaxed. I guess he was confident that the stench would expedite the stop. He was right.

He confirmed that he was part of a fleet of trucks that made the trip from outside of Corpus Christi to San Antonio five days a week. Their load and destination never varied.

They began the day in a meat processing plant outside of Corpus Christi. Their load was whatever hit the killing floor and didn’t make it into hot dogs and hamburger. Blood, guts, bits and pieces and feces were all hosed into floor drains and thence to holding tanks. He and his fellow drivers loaded the contents into the trucks and off to San Antonio they would go.

The ultimate destination was an “Organic Composting” operation on San Antonio’s east side. The truck contained the “secret sauce” that put the oomph in composting. At least the shit in hot dogs got cooked.

Part of the shtick in conducting an interdiction traffic stop is to gain permission to search a vehicle. There are a number of ways to do this. One is to develop probable cause to arrest or search. Another is to simply ask. This is called a consent search. The funny thing is, is that more often or not drivers (guilty or innocent) will consent to a search.

In this instance, the driver was beyond a consent search. First, he volunteered, then he insisted and finally he dared me. I told him whatever he was hauling, he could keep. I didn’t want it. He laughed maniacally as he walked back to his cab.

Let me close the circle. Maggots need to eat. They like to eat dead stuff. In fact, maggots are still used to this day to debride wounds.

Modern surgical maggot wound care

The question is: while you are lunching on maggots, where were the maggots lunching, before they became lunch?

The second question is: Do your organic vegetables taste funny?

Bon appetit!

What would Tony do?