With Friends Like These…

Who needs an enema?

Most accurate portrayal of the press ever

The mumbling mutts of media are upset with Clint Eastwood. They feel that his treatment of Kathy Scruggs, a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) was unfair with no factual basis. Her friends at the Atlanta Urinal Constipation (AJC) defended her.


Their main bone of contention is that the movie indicates that the Scruggs character might have thrown some pussy at an FBI agent in order to get an inside track on the story. Ridiculous! Everybody knows that FBI agents would never be swayed by the verticle smile.

FBI Agent Strozk and FBI Attorney Page, just friends

But we’re talking about a reporter who is above reproach. It has been my experience when a story, like the one below, is trotted out to demonstrate a person’s virtues, their vices are even more entertaining. What this story demonstrates is that Atlanta area law enforcement was used to seeing Scruggs naked. Why not the FBI?

“Law enforcement loved her, just loved her,” said co-author Kent Alexander, a former federal prosecutor. The book does note the time police responded at 3 a.m. when Scruggs refused to get out of a taxi outside a Buckhead hotel. She was drunk, naked and sitting in the driver’s seat.

Kent Alexander, Former U.S.Attny

The anecdote makes no mention of an arrest for that episode. Musta plea bargained it down.

Here is what friends family and coworkers said about her in an article published in AJC.

Her choice of boyfriends was not great,” he said. “She spent all the money she had and more and would go into the depths of depression. The word ‘filter’ was not in her body. I loved Kathy, but she was crazy.”

her Sister

She always drank a fair amount and smoked a fair amount and took drugs: Prozac for depression, Fen-Phen for weight loss, Lipitor for cholesterol, Xanax for anxiety,” Parke said. “She took all this stuff that interacted with each other.”


She treated a local dive bar as an extension of her office. So this alcohol and drug abusing, walking train wreck was a paragon when it came to pursuing a story. She just sucked at living. She was so abusive towards people and family that her father refused to visit her home. He didn’t want to put up with her bullshit.

But, But, But… she was so creative. Yup, she created Richard Jewel into a leading suspect out of bullshit and bluster.

I’ve got an idea! Make Eastwood’s latest, a double feature. Let it go back to back with, “His Girl Friday.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.