Who Have Thunk?

Turns out school shooters aren’t an NRA problem. Shooters are a problem for the American Psychiatric Association (APA). According to a Secret Service Threat Assessment, the overwhelming majority of school shooters exhibited mental health issues predictive of violence leading up to actual incident. These behaviors and factors were routinely ignored or not addressed in an effective or timely fashion.

Who runs schools? Not the NRA. That would be all those liberals who care so much.

Here is the actual document. Secret Service threat assessment 2019

Liberals and mental health proponents given a 50-50 choice to identify sex, can’t do it. They cannot identify inappropriate behavior as behavior that doesn’t conform to societal norms calls for either a celebration of diversity or recognition of cultural differences. So it is no surprise that the people who have the greatest opportunity to stage an intervention, fail once again.

Placing the blame squarely on an inanimate object ensures that their screwball theories and ineffectual application of the pseudo science of psychology remains blameless.