Whitmer Kidnapping

I could be….

Here is another take on the Whitmer kidnap plot. From everything I have seen the FBI probably didn’t entrap these idiots. Entrapment occurs when a police or agent for the police (informant) recruits a suspect to do something that they wouldn’t other wise be predisposed to do. This is different. The FBI is guilty of enabling a group of idiots to carry out his Walter Mitty fantasies. The motto of the Galveston Narcotics Task force still holds true: If they weren’t so stupid we’d never catch them”


The author points out that a credible threat requires resources. That is money, weapons, training, support, things that are not readily available in mom’s basement. The kidnapping plot was given legs through the efforts of the FBI. Never has the saying: “Talk is cheap, been more applicable.” On the Internet there are no fat girls and no stupid ugly guys.

As a narcotics investigator I sent a bunch of crack dealers to prison based on their participation in an ongoing criminal conspiracy. My conscience is clear, these guys worked hard in furtherance of the conspiracy. Their participation was backed up by physical evidence, eyewitness testimony, and usually their confession. Even so, I realized that a less scrupulous investigator and prosecutor could drag the unwitting into a conspiracy.

Less that two weeks ago I posted about the exploits of the FBI JTTF in San Antonio efforts to foil an assassination plot circa 2001-2002. It seems the FBI hasn’t learned anything in almost twenty years.

We’re from the government, here to help.
The Tony Montana Factor

My experience as a narcotics investigator agrees with some of the points made in the Federalist article. I have probably participated in well over a 1000 search warrants. In about 90% of the cases, the resultant search revealed firearms. To be sure, the guns could have served a dual purpose, sporting and protection against the vargarities of the drug trade. However, dope, combined with a variation of this poster revealed the prime motivation for the guns. Killing Bambi wasn’t anywhere on the list.

The Scarface poster alerted us to the guns and type we were likely to find. Pistols were almost always S&W .44 magnum, Desert Eagle .50 or .44 caliber. Also popular were Tec 9, Uzi, and MP5 (all semi automatic). For rifles the ever popular SKS and AK’s led the hit parade followed by the AR-15.

Some of these guns had never been fired. Others, based on the ammunition found with them, had been fired once. By that I mean one magazine or or in the case of a revolver six rounds. There was a simple explanation. Many of these guys were convicted felons and wouldn’t dare to show up at a gun range. They were urban dwellers and didn’t know anybody with a back 40 acres where they could shoot. Finally, there was the expense. Check out the cost per round of a .50 or .44 caliber round. So these guys took a drive out some country road, probably at night, and blazed away while parked on the side of the road. Shooting a .44 or .50 from inside a car, no ear protection, another reason car stereos are so loud. No targets, no sights, just sound and fury.

Read closely, watch the news next time the MSM reports a drive-by shooting. Count the little yellow tents in the street (marking shell casings) now look for how many times the target house got hit. Can you say, “broad side of a barn?”

The Whitmer Plot

Enter the FBI or as I characterize them the Fucking Bunch of Idiots. “You need guns? We’ve got them. But you have to leave mom’s basement. No place to shoot the guns? I know a guy…. Once out at a isolated location , transportation and lunch supplied by the FBI. “What kind of guns do you need? Sure I’ve got AR-15 but wouldn’t you rather have a fully automatic M-4, stolen from the army?”

Future failed kidnapper, “what the hell was that?”

FBI superspy undercover, wife beater, “that was a hand grenade. They were on your shopping list weren’t they? I can’t let you have them today but let me know how many of each that you want. You want to shoot?”

Come on, asking a Walter Mitty wannabe if he wants to shoot is like asking a kid if he wants ice cream. I’m not defending these idiots. They all probably need to be in jail. But it is not a crime to be stupid. If it was there would be no free range politicians. But for the FBI, there would have been no overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

I can hear the poor deluded SOB now, “Cool, when you drop me off downtown, can you lend me bus fare so I can get back to mom’s basement?”

Straight out of Hollywood, “When legend becomes fact, print the legend….” FBI 302. UC met suspect #1 at an undisclosed location for the purpose of discussing the potential purchase of guns in furtherance of the conspiracy. Suspect #1 agreed that stolen military ordinance, M-4 rifles would be his first choice. He indicated that he would need six. Suspect #1 also inquired about the possibility of acquiring hand grenades. Suspect agreed to take delivery at a later date.

Been there done that. Occasionally an investigation makes a hard turn and what started in one direction takes off on an entirely different tangent. Sometimes the smart thing to do is to walk away. Other times the savvy investigator cuts his losses. The object is to avoid dubious conspiracies not enhance them.

Here is another example of the FBI keeping us safe. Recall the Boston Jihadist Usaamah Rahim. His plotted to behead cops. Apparently he had never heard the old saw about bringing a knife to a gunfight.  He pulled his knife on a Boston Cop and an FBI agent. Read the obit, Usaamah Rahim, Died Very suddenly: Dead Boston suspect planned to behead police: prosecutors (yahoo.com) Again, I’m not defending this idiot. He got what he needed.

The real tragedy here is not in the way that these idiots got caught. The tragedy is that a group of assholes got together some of them had badges and the others went to jail. All of the investigative manhours from multiple FBI offices and the related expense could have been better directed at a real threat. Instead this career case was used to pad a wife beater’s resume.

Think I’m jaded? It’s not just me. Check out this link from the New York Post:

Today’s FBI of snitches often traps Americans into committing crimes (nypost.com)

The ultimate irony is that it is a Federal crime to lie to an FBI agent,  Federal Law 18 US Code § 1001. It is not a crime for an FBI agent to lie to a citizen.