Which One of These Isn’t Like the Other?

Bert and Ernie are at it again!

It’s a trick question! You get right down to it inclusiveness in either group begins with exclusion. If one doesn’t meet the criteria for enrollment a person doesn’t get to play in their sandbox. Gay people are just so inclusive, until they’re not.

Probably the greatest liberal lie is that liberals are for inclusiveness and against discrimination. As one great liberal thinker of my acquaintance put it: “I hate judgmental people!” I responded: in order to hate judgmental people don’t you first have to be judgmental?” I was roundly condemned for my question. I guess there is judgmental and then there is judgmental. New York City cops just found out that being a cop and gay are mutually exclusive. Nope, it wasn’t the straights that made the judgment but their fellow cocksuckers. It seems one can’t be gay and a cop.


I have run across gay cops. Those that are out of the closet, in the police station, find themselves right back in the closet off duty. They quickly find out their occupation precludes their acceptance in the gay community. Many find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. They can’t serve two masters. Who to betray?