Which One of These are Not Like The Other?

The two greatest investigators ever to shit between police shoes put forth the current rogues gallery. All of the candidates have had their moment in the sun, while in Massachusetts. The question is, as always: “Which one of these are not like the other.”

Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty
Zip Connolly, Former FBI agent
Robert Mueller
Alex Cora
Bill Belichick
Massachusetts State Police hard at work

It’s a trick question! They are all the same… liars and cheats.

Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty are all former Speakers of the Massachusetts House. All are convicted felons. Corruption is so rampant in Massachusetts that Federal prison is considered to be part of the state retirement package.

Zip Connolly is a former FBI Agent. He accepted bribes from Whitey Bulger and compromised investigations targeting the “Winter Hill Mob.” He set up a contract killing at Whitey’s behest. He is doing life, in prison, or what passes..

As United States Attorney, Robert Mueller opposed the release of three men wrongly convicted of murder. He went on to head the FBI and promote Comey, Strzok and other compromised FBI agents to positions of power.

Alex Cora was manger of the Boston Red Sox, until his firing this week. While working for the Houston Astros he participated in a scheme to steal pitching signals. In other words, he cheated.

Bill Belichick is the New England Patriots coach. Under his leadership the Patriots were accused of videotaping opponents from a restricted area.

The Massachusetts State Police (MSP). Where to begin? There was the female trooper with a drug and money laundering history. The background investigation failed to reveal her shady past. This despite the fact, that she testified to her criminal activity in open court. She went on to work under several high ranking members of the MSP.

Then there is the overtime scandal. The number of Troopers implicated and convicted seems to grow on a daily basis. These guys put in for overtime compensation without doing the work. Their screw up was that it was Federal money.

There is a perfectly acceptable explanation for these ethical lapses. The participants learned the application of scruples in Massachusetts. Other than voting Republican, anything goes in Massachusetts.