What’s In A Name?

Being politically correct must be a burden. There are just so many unknowns. Nothing can be taken for granted. What something appears to be at first glance could be the perpetuation of a negative stereotype. Feminine might be masculine. Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, gay are all self-limiting terms.  Sex is no longer a function of biology but is a matter of how one feels at any given time. 

Imagine, waking up in the morning hung over, bloated, stomach doing flip-flops from that burrito with extra beans and hot, hot sauce and your mouth tastes like you followed the burrito with ashtray of dead cigarette butts. ‘Think I’ll forgo the Chiffon dress today, get me my lumberjack shirt, Doc Martins, and jeans. I feel a hefty shit coming on.’ I dare you, put on the Chiffon dress and repeat after me, “I feel a hefty shit coming on.” Doesn’t work, does it?

Now we find, according to the politically correct, that calling a criminal, a criminal is politically incorrect labeling. Further labeling into subcategories burglar, robber, rapist, wee-wee wagger, and murderer are unacceptable. Calling Criminals, Criminals is criminal, moonbattery.com. 

Criminals do not have a whole lot to do while they languish in the big house, so they come up with all sorts of schemes to confound the credulous and amuse themselves. Ask anybody doing time, “Did you do it?” The answer will be a resounding No! Hundreds of thousands incarcerated and not a guilty son-of-a-bitch among them. Never been a guilty man executed, all of them innocent. Why would anybody support an expanded government with a track record like that?

I spent fifteen years interviewing crack cocaine dealers. I only found one who admitted to using crack cocaine. When it came for sentencing in Federal Court all claimed that they were hopelessly addicted. Federal Judges can knock off a year of drug dealer’s sentence if he admits to a substance abuse problem and agrees to participate in the prison drug treatment program. The dirty secret is out, United States District Judges cause drug addiction.

There is a hierarchy in prison. The worst time anybody can do is that of a child molester. While diddling kids is acceptable behavior in Hollywood and Democratic party circles, it is frowned upon in prison. Burglars occupy a higher rung in the pecking order because old school burglars were technically adept. Bank Robbers were higher still, above 7-11 robbers. Murder your wife and prisoners will give you your due, sometimes lightning strikes twice. Murder fifteen mob associates for Guido the Godfather, you can write your own ticket.

The street cred earned in prison carries over to the street, once they get out. This effort to ignore or deny a convict’s hard-won credentials is a way for the politically correct to keep minorities down. They are saying, “We don’t recognize your achievement or status.”