Wacko Twists Off, Everybody is Amazed

Jacksonville gaming tournament shooter had been hospitalized for mental illness, documents show

Can you identify the responsible party?

Who could have seen this coming?
Committed to a mental hospital twice. Check
Parents divorce after a disagreement about his mental state. Check
Twenty-four years old and lives with mommy. Check
Unemployed. Check
Spends countless hours playing video games. Check
Does not interact effectively with other people. Check.

It’s the gun’s fault!

Stop me if you have heard this one before: A guy who is crazier than a shithouse rat walks into a gun store….

He buys two handguns after passing a background check. Why? Because wackos are not listed in the NICS database.

I have a partial solution. Facial tattoos are in.

MS 13 member

How about we tattoo WACKO on their foreheads? This would keep them out of gun stores and give the public fair warning, should they meet one on the street. In San Francisco it would give wackos license to shit whenever and wherever they wanted. 

Standby for all the interviews from friends, neighbors and relatives as they say: “He has been rubbing shit in his hair for years. We just thought he was demonstrating his creativity. Who knew it isn’t normal to rub shit in one’s hair? You know, diversity.

Breitbart is running an interview of the suspect. It took place just prior to the shooting. Watch it. Almost no eye contact. In those instances where it appears he is making eye contact, look again. It appears that he is looking just a little bit off to the left, right or high. Part of the problem is the democratic party is composed of so many dysfunctional people normal defies description.