Told You So!

Marijuana is ah… Weed shouldn’t be… It’s organic and…. What was I talking about? I don’t remember.

Here are some terms I didn’t figure I would ever hear coming from the MSM and their liberal apologists. Imagine marijuana and toxicity in the same sentence. Or how about the big one? ADDICTION? People addicted to marijuana, no way! Way, man.

A recently completed nationwide study dared to use those terms. Dr Sam Wang, discussed the results of the study.

Wang’s findings from Colorado’s Children’s Hospital are included in a new nationwide study that showed a 27% increase in children and teenagers getting emergency treatment for marijuana toxicity. Seventy percent of the cases occurred in states with legalized marijuana.

“In severe circumstances, it can affect how they’re breathing and make them comatose and be put on a ventilator,” Wang said.  

An exponential increase in marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient, THC, is at the center of the crisis. THC content has spiked from 3.7% to more than 20% — and some cannabis concentrates contain close to 100% THC.

Twenty-year-old Colton said that his addiction to marijuana began when the drug was legalized five years ago while he was attending high school in Colorado.

It always intrigued me that for the first twenty years of my participation with the war on drugs, marijuana was the same old same old. People might have talked about Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Thai sticks but in the lab it was the same 3-5% THC weed that the Mexicans were shipping by the ton.

The legalize marijuana movement was run by a guy dong hemp macrame. He was living in a converted school bus ten miles further out than the Manson family. Then it all changed.

Proud graduates of Texas A&M plant science program started playing with pot. They discovered that by manipulating the plant through growing techniques, and genetic manipulation that the THC content could be increased by a factor of four. The price of this new pot increased to the same degree.

Suddenly pot wasn’t a hippy dippy wetback act of entrepreneurship it was big “bidness.” Hemp growing was suddenly a vital industry with no rope or macrame in sight.

Five years in and the millennium scum have discovered GMO marijuana has invaded their Non-GMO lifestyle. They have also discovered that like the lottery, the increased taxes on cigarettes and the tax on marijuana the revenue generated is never enough.

Some body ought to do something. About what? I forgot.

Marijuana is not as benign as supporters would have you think. Now that hemp is legal in a number of states, has anybody seen an influx of hemp products? I mean con-consumable hemp products.