This is Wrong on Several Levels

Eric Gardner, original nice guy, spreading sweetness and light to all who knew him, just before qualifying his wife for entry in the ghetto lottery.

Call me naive, I always thought that public housing was an intermediate step on the way out of the ghetto. It turns out I was wrong. Long term resident of public housing Eric-Garner widow-to-stay.

The widow Gardner won a 2.4 million dollar settlement from New York City. Under Federal guidelines, this is not considered income, so the city’s newest millionaire will not have to seek new lodging. The City can’t even adjust her rent to reflect her new found wealth. Normally, rent is calculated as a percentage of income. This is wrong.

The second thing that strikes me is that she has no apparent desire to leave. I guess after being told you are worthless and good for nothing, public housing is your due, it has an effect.

That is assuming there is any money left. She was paid $500,000 up front by the City. The rest of the money is in the hands of the court while the various attorneys argue out a compensation scheme.

Ir reparations became a reality would it be reasonable to expect a different result?  Nope.