Third World?

DO NOT bring bear spray to a gun fight!

Two assholes got in an argument and one of them got killed. If it was Saturday night in a “cut and shoot” bar this story might make the second page of the metro section. But it happened at a protest, so that makes it national news. Unfortunately, because it is national news the shooting will not get anything that resembles accurate coverage.

A Denver Post photographer was there to catch the action and photographed the entire confrontation. Try and find the photos. The publisher of the Denver Post sensing a potential profit has put them behind a paywall.

The left wing shooter, who is not licensed to provide security services, was hired by a Denver TV station, Channel 9. They, claim that they contracted with Pinkerton. Pinkerton claims they subcontracted to another company. That company provided the murder suspect.

For those readers unfamiliar with private security the key word is “contracted.” Security guards provide services as specified by the client. This means the client is expected to specifically spell out the duties and equipment needed by the guard to accomplish the task. The company reviews and approves the specifications and posts “guard post orders.” In this manner the client and security company have a yard stick to measure guard performance and prevent any misunderstanding. Did the contract specify armed or unarmed guards? Did Pinkerton and the TV station check to see if the guard understood and was capable of performing the tasks required?

Widow Keltner, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that your husband is dead. The good news is that you have suddenly acquired part ownership of two security companies and a TV station.

“A private security guard who was hired by 9News is the suspect detained by DPD,” the station reported. “It has been the practice of 9News for a number of months to hire private security to protect staff at protests.”

Denver 9news, via the New York Times 10/11/2020

Hiring a private guard or security adviser for journalists is a relatively common practice overseas and domestically, Robert Mahoney, the deputy executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, said on Sunday.

Internationally, these guards or advisers have been used during wars since the 1990s and most are unarmed, he said. In Iraq, for instance, some journalists became the target of kidnappings.

Robert Mahoney

The murder suspect is claiming self defense. Good luck with that. Supposedly the two were chest to chest. At one point the deceased slapped or swung at the murder suspect. But the suspect didn’t shoot. However, as the photo shows, the murder suspect did shoot once the deceased backed off. Bear spray is a non-lethal chemical irritant. Apparently the deployment of the bear spray is what caused the murder suspect to shoot. Count the pavers or go by the fence posts, either way the combatants were approximately eight feet apart. One other point. The suspect was almost immediately confronted by the police. That means the police were in close proximity. He could have sought police assistance, but didn’t.

Now look at the gun. It appears to be a tricked out Glock. It has a flashlight slung under the the barrel and what looks like a “red dot” sight. Both are after market additions. Now focus two fence diamonds above the rear sight. Next look at the end of the slide, see the end of the barrel? Next look at the cloud emanating from the dearly departed. What does it all mean? Here is a blow up of the area I’m discussing.

Ejected shell casing, slide moving forward.

It means that bullets travel faster than aerosols, to a much more lethal effect. This photo captures the moment after the murder suspect fired and possibly before the bear spray had reached him. The exposed barrel says that the Glock is doing what it was designed to do. In fact, the gun has already ejected the spent casing, look above the rear sight. It is returning into battery in preparation for the next shot.

So there you have it. According to the MSM democrat controlled cities are at least as safe as downtown Bagdad. The MSM is applying the lessons learned in third world shitholes. Hire local militia and terrorists to provide security. Check the definition of militia. ANTIFA, BLM and the Occupy movement, all qualify as militia groups.

Third world shitholes and democrat controlled cities in America, according to the MSM same same.

Only one killed, mostly peaceful