The Rest of The Story

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby

Some sweet young thing met an untimely end in Salt Lake City. It could have happened to anybody. With some preconditions I guess that is right.

It turns out that the missing student was, in effect, a hooker. She posted on and used an Internet site that facilitated hook ups with hard bodies and older men. The guy accused of killing her met her through the website.

This whole thing might have been prevented had a general contractor taken action. The killer approached the contractor with specifications for a hidden sound proof room with high security features. The contractor declined the job. While it disturbed him, the contractor didn’t notify anybody about this guy’s plans.

Remember Bert and Ernie’s Motto

The greatest Investigators ever

“Which one of these things isn’t like the other!” I can think of a variety of high security rooms. A safe room or a strong room to protect collectibles or data. In the Victorian era it was not uncommon to build wacko suites to keep crazy family members out of sight and mind. What the contractor described did not fit the criteria for any of those projects.

One blond hooker disappears in Salt Lake City, it’s national news. During the same week Chicago PD can’t make up its mind whether or not 55 murders of black women are linked. Local news, move along nothing to see.

I am not dismissing the Salt Lake City murder. This isn’t about “she got what she deserved.” Nobody deserves to be murdered. This event is a poster child for how the media will twist some the facts and omit others, all in an effort to sensationalize the story. The purpose of the MSM is not to inform but to sell tampons and toilet paper.