The Mother of Invention

How do I come up with this stuff? It all started with an article about a guy in Michigan who is accused of assault. It seems some folks made fun of his attempt to protect himself from the Chinese virus by wearing a mask fashioned from a thong.

One thing led to another…

The problem with the story is that there is not enough information. Just what kind of thong was it. Here is a medical face mask.

An appropriate face mask. Let’s call it the base model.

Some May Work

Who can argue with patriotic fervor in a time of crisis?

Both of these examples seem to meet the criteria. The only bone of contention is crotch up or crotch down?

Some Probably Won’t


Neither example seems to offer any protection from airborne particulates.

Hard to fit people may find a thong to be the most appropriate appliance.

Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Durante Thong Face Mask

When a little extra space is required

I can see the lawsuits now. Thong manufacturers being hauled into court because the thong used as a face mask didn’t prevent the infection of the Chinese virus.