The FBI Story (A Remake)

Oh for the good old days

J Edgar Hoover, as Director of the FBI, jealously guarded the reputation of the FBI. He exercised script control and actor selection on movies about the FBI. With his passing that all changed.

An indication of how the FBI had fallen was when Mark Felt was outed as Woodward and Bernstein’s snitch during Watergate. He was proud to be named after a blow job, “Deep Throat.”

In a prelude of things to come, Mark Felt stole credit for a technique pioneered in film by Linda Lovelace. Linda backed up talk of “Deep Throat” with action.

Linda Lovelace

The seventies are long gone. Technology has rendered shadowy meetings in suburban parking garages moot. Modern day FBI agents rely on instant messaging when they want to betray their oaths.

They don’t make FBI Director’s like they used to. Compared to J Edgar Hoover, Comey is a piker. To paraphrase Art Buchwald, “Comey couldn’t run a car wash at a profit even if he stole the customer’s cars.”

Did he or didn’t he? There is still no definite answer four decades later.