Tattoo’d Freak Kills Chef

Asia Argento

According to Ms. Argento, Harvey Weinstein performed cunnilingus on her against her will. She was so traumatized by the event, she continued a consensual relationship with him for several years. She spoke out about her abuse (from twenty years ago) and became a darling of the “MeToo” movement. Anthony Bourdain, her boyfriend, at the time of the revelations, became one of her foremost champions. I guess it would be tacky to point out that Weinstein and Bourdain enjoyed the same buffet. 

Argento and McGowan describe Weinstein giving them oral sex, and both say they faked an orgasm in hopes of getting the experience over with as fast as possible. Calling this “rape” is doing our society, including sexual-assault survivors, a disservice on so many levels. I was raped when I was 15 years old. I know a lot of women will accuse me of victim-blaming, but at some point we have to remove the impenetrable shield that one receives when she is considered a victim.

Argento went on to have a consensual relationship with Weinstein for several years. The New Yorker article is what thrust the Italian actress into America’s cultural conversation. Before this, the American media knew little about her.

Leah McSweeney, “Toxic Femininity”

There is no doubt in my mind that Harvey Weinstein is a shithead. Revelations that Argento, seduced a seventeen year old, and sent unsolicited dirty pictures to an acquaintance, indicate that Weinstein and she were made for one another. 

Are the accusations against Weinstein valid? Maybe, but is he guilty? Guilt requires a court verdict based on evidence. The MSM forgets that legal nicety. They don’t need evidence or a credible witness.

Argento can be the poster child for why a victim/witness’s statement cannot be accepted without question. In evaluating the credibility of a person a first step is the immediacy of the outcry. A long time between the event and the telling undermines the credibility of the victim. The he said, she said accusation/denial shouldn’t favor either party. This is why independent evidence, usually available immediately after a crime, is so important.

I know from being a cop and working undercover that shitheads flock together. Not everybody that associates with a shithead is a shithead. After all victims have to come from somewhere. The gullible, unaware, drunk and not very bright are the natural prey of shitheads. Based on experience I would say that some of these young women were preyed upon. Some of them were kindred souls with Weinstein. A very few of them took one look at Weinstein and saw their next victim. 

Argento’s accusations against Weinstein remind me of a cartoon in Playboy. A hooker is making a report to a detective. She says,”I didn’t know I was raped until the check bounced.”

What would Tony do?