Taking Ownership

Yesterday demonstrators gathered in DC. During a “mostly peaceful protest” some of the protestors forced their way into Congress. Congress is upset, this goes against tradition. Congress Critters prefer the more traditional approach, lie, cheat and steal in order to enter Congress. The MSM was quick to label the event as a riot. This as opposed to throwing Molotov cocktails, looting and stealing in a peaceful manner, like in Portland, Minneapolis and Seattle. Now, apologists are trying to paint the offenders as part of a “false flag operation”.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. Rabid Trump supporters own this and everything that flows from it. Don’t get me wrong, they had help. But the help came in the form of inept law enforcement, and poor planning. The priority of law enforcement appeared to be politics, not public safety. All of that aside, I don’t buy the false flag premise.

I guess I could go on with a lengthy explanation. Why bother? I think the late Patrick O’Brien said it best. One of his characters, Dr. Maturin observed: “Even the stupidest villagers can identify the village idiot.”

It is one thing to interject oneself into the chaos of a crowd and create a situation that results in a confrontation with police. Within the confines of a mob it is sometimes difficult to tell who did what, when. It is quite another thing to step out in front and lead a group into the breach. The implication is that the leaders of the charge did so with the support of the led.

It is one thing to lead a retreat, quite another to lead a charge. Both entail movement but with entirely different motivations. It is for that reason that I reject the notion of a false flag. Were there provocateurs acting against the interests of the mob? Almost certainly. The tactics of agitators is to rile up the mob, cause a confrontation and then make one’s escape. Leading the pack is contrary to typical tactics of the agent provocateurs.

There is blame enough to go around. The inept handling of the situation by Capitol Police and Federal law enforcement certainly contributed to events. Compare and contrast:

Some thing I learned forty years ago after the Miami FBI shootout. Don’t rely on the Feds to do traffic stops. Updated in 2021, the Feds aren’t any better at riot control.