Stupid Crook Tricks

Louisiana Man Tells Cops That A Ghost Planted Meth On Him

We have a new winner! I worked narcotics for 15 years. During that time I have heard a variety of explanations and denials regarding the possession of a wide variety of drugs. This is a new one on me. The statement is indicative with a “speed freak” state of mind.

After police found methamphetamine “in plain view” on a nightstand in his home, a Louisiana man claimed that a ghost placed the narcotics in his residence, according to an arrest report.

Auttonberry surmised that a “ghost or intruders” placed the meth on him and were exiting the home through a nearby window. “Which was not accurate,” investigators noted.

Some of my favorites:

When asked, “What have you got in your pockets?”
The reply, “They are not my pants?”

When asked, “Why would your eight year old bring an ounce of heroin to school, saying it was yours?”

Reply, “It’s not my dope, must be his.”

“You just sold dope to the ‘man’.”

“I didn’t sell dope to the police. Everybody knows it is against the law to sell dope to the police.” (I guess if there are no police, it’s okay).