Sore Loser, Got The Bruises to Prove It

Lucas Glover

Some folks don’t consider Golf sport. I guess it depends how one plays the game. I’m not sure that an ass whooping at home is the proper motivation to ensure a win. .html

I can’t say that I’ve made a study of golf marriages but I can think of three with a similar nature. Tiger Wood’s ex took a five iron to his ass and claimed a par. He worked hard to get that ass whooping and didn’t complain once it came. John Daly married a meth whore who spent his money and led him on a tour of the dark side. He has been condemned to wearing really ugly pants for the rest of his life, with claims that he likes them. Not all endorsement deals are created equal. Could be worse, I hear adult depends is looking. The last guy, his name escapes me but I think he came up with Phil Mickelson. His wife discovered the joys of methamphetamine and abandoned the family. He was left with two daughters and a wife he wouldn’t give up on for quite a while.

To make matters worse for Glover, the latest loss was the PGA Open. The Open is probably within fifteen minutes of his house. None of this be home Monday, Tuesday babe.