Somewhere there is an Ambulance That Needs Chasing

When I was a cop, I used to joke crooks who listened to loud music through earbuds and wearing pants down around one’s thighs were a boon to law enforcement. The ear buds and or effect from using ear buds made it easy to sneak up on turds. Once confronted, the lower hanging pants interfered with the turds’ ability to flee. Once caught they could only use one hand to resist. The other hand had to hold their pants up.

In the category of: You can’t make this shit up!” An ambulance chaser has filed suit against Apple on behalf of a San Antonio couple. It seems junior got his cage rattled when the alert tone for an Amber Alert activated. Could be worse, I guess. Not included in the suit was the police agency that instituted the Amber alert, the kid who was the object of the alert and the crook who took the kid. I don’t think the shyster was being altruistic. It’s just that Apple had the deepest pockets.