Some People are Never Happy

Reuel Rodriguez-Nunez, 37 and never a day older, showed up at a police substation and began lobbing Molotov cocktails, (an improvised destructive device), a felony. He lit two vehicles on fire, also a pair of felonies, (arson). Both acts are generally considered to be crimes of violence. When confronted by police he continued to throw Molotov cocktails, (more felonies, arson, aggravated assault, utilizing a weapon of mass destruction). When it became clear that Rodriguez-Nunez was uninterested in deescalating the situation, the police did.

Liberal spoilsports claim that Rodriguez-Nunez was in crisis and suffering from mental health issues. Could be, how about a shout out to the Raleigh police? Rodriguez-Nunez is no longer in crisis or suffering from mental health issues.

These activists claim that one officer was egging the soon to be departed on, by shouting “Do it!” Could be. But then again maybe he was singing the chorus to the other officers who demanded that Rodriguez-Nunez stop throwing Molotov cocktails at them. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, so what? Rodriquez-Nunez was out there where the buses don’t run. Chances are he wasn’t processing anything anybody said to him.

At any rate a good time was had by all. Recall the words of Roscoe Rules from The Choirboys to the potential suicide. Such a challenge worked for Father Flannegan.

[ Go ahead, B*tch. Jump! [she jumps]

Roscoe Rules: attempting reverse psychology on a female attempting to jump from a roof]
Don’t, stop or Don’t stop. I guess you had to be there.