Silly Shit #245

Gender reveal party, California style.

I have to admit I have mixed emotions about gender reveal events. It could be because I grew up in simpler times. Knocked the old lady up? Well it is either going to be a boy or a girl. The reveal came when mama dominoed. Dad found out when the doctor came out in the hall and told him. Afterall, the doc was getting paid let him catch the kid, earn his pay.

Time have changed. Now-a-days there are over fifty gender possibilities. Every step of the journey from conception to dropping the kid is subject to video and posting on line. So it is necessary to introduce some drama into what is otherwise a mundane event. Hence the gender reveal party is born.

As a result of one such party a portion of California is being consumed by out of control wildfires. I have nothing against out of control wildfires consuming California. As a concept I’m all for it.

But the reality is in this particular fire a fire fighter was killed. That is something I can’t celebrate.

A second problem arises. Where are all those displaced California assholes going to go? Stay the hell out of Texas.