Silly Shit #243

The town where I graduated from high school made the news. It has been forty years but it is still the low class locale populated by mouth breathers and assorted ne’er do wells. The latest controversy involves a woman who took exception to her dog being humped by another dog, at the local dog park. The story at the link.

This is Massachusetts. Massachusetts is populated by Massholes. It is not enough to take exception to dogs being dogs, let’s take it to a new level. The complaining woman is white. The owner of the offending dog is black. RACISM!

I know let’s call the cops. This is a Me Too moment. Even bitches aren’t safe. This old gal took it upon herself to try and evict the offending dog and owner for inappropriate conduct… on the part of the dog.

You just can’t make this shit up. These folks are serious. Watch and you will understand why Teddy Kennedy kept getting reelected.

Everybody got out their smart phones so there is plenty of footage for review. The cop didn’t pursue the obvious solution. “Lady, you’re crazier than a shit house rat. How about a nice 48 hour commitment?”

Thank God I escaped.