Same Old Tune, Different Lyrics

Portland, ANTIFA/BLM

People who don’t know history will probably think that Federal Intervention in Portland is unprecedented. They would be wrong. It’s the same old song. The tune and the singers are the same, only the lyrics have changed. Yup, the democrats are again resisting the Federal demand that they follow the law.

Following the law is against the principles of the democrats. They have no problem manipulating the law. It’s okay to pay lip service to legal niceties, right up until those pesky laws get in the way. At that point they stand on their rights. How dare anybody question their assertion of rights.

Let’s revisit great moments in the application of local democratic principles. To be fair, these events were probably not covered in high school or college. Liberals wrote the history. History says U.S. Grant was a terrible President and the events cited here were unimportant or weren’t worthy of inclusion in history books.

Here we are 150 years later, all upset because a black felon, committing a felony, died resisting arrest. Black Lives Matter! The hundreds of black men killed trying to exercise their rights as free men, don’t merit a footnote. Gotta love a democrat!

Great Moments in Peaceful democrat Government Sanctioned Protests

The New Orleans Massacre of 1866 occurred on July 30, during a violent conflict as white Democrats, including police and firemen, attacked Republicans, most of them black, parading outside the Mechanics Institute in New Orleans. It was the site of a reconvened Louisiana Constitutional Convention. The Republicans in Louisiana had called for the Convention, as they were angered by the legislature’s enactment of the Black Codes and its refusal to give black men the vote. Democrats considered the reconvened convention to be illegal and were suspicious of Republican attempts to increase their political power in the state. The massacre “stemmed from deeply rooted political, social, and economic causes,”[3] and took place in part because of the battle “between two opposing factions for power and office.”[3] According to the official report, a total of 38 were killed and 146 wounded, with 34 of the dead and 119 of the wounded black. Unofficial estimates were higher.[4] Gilles Vandal estimated 40 to 50 blacks dead and more than 150 wounded.[5] In addition, three white Republicans were killed, as was one white protester.[6]

The Colfax massacre, or Colfax riot, occurred on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1873, in Colfax, Louisiana, the seat of Grant Parish, where an estimated 62-153 black men were murdered by white Southerners who had formed a militia. Three white men died in the confrontation, with at least one said to have been shot by his own side.

In the wake of the contested 1872 election for governor of Louisiana and local offices, a group of white Democrats armed with rifles and a small cannon, overpowered Republican freedmen and state militia (also black) occupying the Grant Parish courthouse in Colfax.[1][2] Most of the freedmen were killed after they surrendered; nearly 50 were killed later that night after being held as prisoners for several hours.

The Coushatta massacre (1874) was the result of an attack by the White League, a paramilitary organization composed of white Southern Democrats, on Republican officeholders and freedmen in Coushatta, the parish seat of Red River Parish, Louisiana. They assassinated six white Republicans and five to 20 freedmen who were witnesses.[1][2]

The White League had organized to restore white supremacy by driving Republicans out of Louisiana, disrupting their political organizing, and intimidating or murdering freedmen.[3] Like the Red Shirts and other “White Line” organizations, they were described as “the military arm of the Democratic Party.”

The Hamburg Massacre (or Red Shirt Massacre or Hamburg riot) was a key event in the African American town of Hamburg, South Carolina in July 1876, leading up to the last election season of the Reconstruction Era. It was the first of a series of civil disturbances planned and carried out by white Democrats in the majority-black Republican Edgefield District, with the goal of suppressing black voting, disrupting Republican meetings, and suppressing black Americans civil rights, through actual and threatened violence.

If one looks, there are examples of the Federal Government stepping in to enforce the law, once local government fail. George Washington used Federal troops to put down Shea’s Rebellion. Robert E Lee commanded Federal troops to put an end to John Brown’s actions in Harper’s Ferry. More recently the Governor of Arkansas activated the national guard to prevent the integration of the Arkansas University system. President Eisenhower, Federalized those same troops and turned them back on the governor.

On Tuesday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) compared the anarchist and antifa ”insurrectionists” on the streets of Portland to the Confederate insurrectionists who rebelled against the Constitution, sparking the Civil War.

Cotton is a politician. His statement is good, as far as it goes, but he left out one of the conspirators….

democrats, Traitorous Scum Since 1861

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The tradition continues in 2020