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AOC, blithering idiot

So much bullshit, so little time! Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has started a shit storm. I believe her. There is no doubt that the Border Patrol agent told the wetback where she could find water.

What is in question, is the ability of the wetback and AOC to successfully process the information.

Toilet in Border patrol detention facility.

Pictured above is a standard detention facility toilet, sink, and water fountain unit. It is one piece and made of stainless steel. This is to keep the inmates from dismantling it and beating each other over the head with the parts.

I suspect that the wetback in question asked the guard for water and he/she pointed at the toilet. The guard was wrong. He, more likely she, assumed that the wetback was familiar with the concept of indoor plumbing, sinks, faucets, running water and water fountains. Apparently not. Obviously the wetback is a prime candidate for a high paying high tech job. Learn to write code!

It gets worse. The detention cell and toilet were likely shared. I have already conceded that AOC’s wetback informant was unfamiliar with the concept of indoor plumbing. That doesn’t mean others share the same deficit. AOC’s informant was incapable of emulating her fellow detainees.

So the end result is a third world wetback and a first world Congress-critter, look at the same object, a detention toilet. Neither one can divine the full potential of the device.

Going back to the original photo, the toilet paper on the floor is not a mark of disrespect. It is a way to tell if a wetback has been using your bathroom. The explanation is probably a combination of two factors. One is that sewer technology isn’t as good as in the US. Sewer lines or septic tanks are easily clogged. Secondly, toilet paper isn’t like American toilet paper and doesn’t break down, clogging the toilet. Finally, a practical use for the New York Times. Toilet paper is not flushed in poorer regions of the third world.