Rethinking Black Lives Matter

Another week another unarmed black man shot by police, this time in Utah. The shooting was caught on body cams, two of them. Production values are good but overall it’s pretty boring. The family interview, later, is predictable. Good kid, always smiling, was gonna get his shit together starting next week. Cops only said, “let me see your hands fifteen times, they should have known that sixteen was the magic number. Utah Police Shooting.

Okay, I get it, it wasn’t his fault. So who’s fault is it? How many half brothers and sisters does this yo-yo have? Did his mama ever marry any of the baby daddies that drifted through the home? Is there blame there?

Can he pick his own daddy out of a line-up? Has he ever had to?

Has he ever held a job more than three weeks, not subject to orders on his probation?

Does he believe that it is a sin and against God’s law to steal? Or does that rule just prohibit other people from taking his shit?

The three-second rule applies to a French Fry dropped on the floor; not how long he has to hold a stolen cell phone before it is rightfully his.

Does he realize that complete strangers, whose home he just invaded are under no obligation to hide his sorry ass.

The wanton shooting of unarmed black males has to stop. A constant that society depended upon is being dismantled. Black males are just as incompetent at committing crimes as they are at properly wearing pants, holding a job, and taking responsibility for their actions. It is a close run thing now that the only value a black man has to society is as a good example of a bad example.