Respect, just because

Richard Eames, 24,

This rocket scientist trained his pit bull to kill any animal it came across. Then he followed it around and videotaped the action, which he posted on UTube. Animal-cruelty-pit-bull-charges

A typical liberal would be screaming to have him eaten by pit bulls, about now. The more restrained will be happy with the death penalty. Neither punishment is appropriate for a person.

That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from Animal Control facilities. Most animals taken in by Animal Control Facilities are neutered prior to release. I think this is sound policy and should be adopted by all custodial facilities starting with the juvenile.

The process is called Elastration (a portmanteau of “elastic” and “castration”) is a bloodless method of male castration and docking commonly used for livestock. Elastration is simply banding the body part (scrotum or tail) until it drops off. This method is favored for its simplicity, low cost, and minimal training requirements. The process takes approximately two weeks before the testicles rot and fall off on their own.

Rubber elastrator rings and pliers

It is cheap and safe and has the added advantage of being great fun. Consider, a group of “elastrati” hanging on a street corner two weeks out from county jail. It starts with a cough, maybe a sneeze or a burst of laughter and then plop, plop, plop. A mad scramble for bouncing gonads.

That would be better than watching a pit bull eating small animals.