Public Service, Firearms Identification and Safety Two Part Question with Bonus Round

Walther P38 Gun Identification


  1. Can you find the gun?
  2. Can you identify the type?
  3. Bonus: what is wrong with the picture?

The gun appears to be a Walter P-38,  a standard sidearm for the German military during WWII

The shooter does not have proper sight alignment,  balance, and shooting stance making it unlikely that she can effectively deliver rounds down range.

Giving the shooter the benefit of the doubt and assuming she is transitioning to a proper shooting stance (moving) then her finger should not be on the trigger, as this is unsafe.

In a range situation she should also be equipped with proper ear and eye protection.

During a building search for a burglar I once killed seven shirts hanging in a closet because my finger strayed as I crossed the door to check the closet.  Embarrassing, but at least I didn’t do it twice.  A deputy I know, who worked in a county where a certain Texas mission is located, shot the same full length mirror twice, on two different occasions, when confronted with his own reflection. It was classified as an accidental discharge, I’ll leave it to the reader to determine if there was a Freudian aspect to the incidents.