One From Column “A” and One From Column “B

Ilya Somin a law professor that writes for the Volokh Conspiracy discusses a theory called “cultic milieu.” It serves as a warning as to why political statements by mass murders are not left or right. I have been saying the same thing. I guess “Cultic Milieu” sounds better than “Rubbing Shit in their Hair.”

The concept of the cultic milieu (hereafter CM) was formulated by a British sociologist called Colin Campbell, in an article published in 1972….
This is a kind of subterranean world or counterculture with a whole range of ideas that are strongly opposed to conventional beliefs and knowledge. These included highly heterodox and unusual religious systems (such as neo-paganism or Theosophy or Satanism), marginalized political ideologies…  and theories that rejected central elements of orthodox science, such as rejection of vaccination….
Campbell’s insight was that these fringe beliefs did not exist in isolation from each other. They rather all mingled in a social space in which accepted and dominant ways of thinking about the world were rejected. Frequently people who started holding just one of these countercultural beliefs would come into contact with and pick up other ones with no apparent connection to the original belief….
One reason why it matters is that the boundaries of the CM are permeable

Colin Campbell, British sociologist, 1972

With apologies to Mr. Campbell, I can put this into a context everybody can understand.

It isn’t that these guys are “For” anything. It is about being against what are acceptable main stream values. Viewed in that light, their rants and raves make sense. We are talking about an adult that has the instincts of a two year old. The baseline reaction is to take a contrary position. What counts is that the position, goes against the mainstream. It doesn’t matter if the positions adopted are diametrically opposed to other beliefs espoused.

With this dynamic it is perfectly acceptable to support free speech in the form of protests and political action for causes that one supports. It is mandatory that one suppress expression and speech of those that one doesn’t support. There is no conflict.

People at the end of a gun are no longer people but oppressors, invaders, and infidels, who deserve death.

With this mindset, life becomes simple. People fall into two categories oppressors or oppressed. Anything the oppressed supports, is acceptable. This is why homosexuals in secular society can support Muslims and Muslim society even though the Muslims advocate death to sexual deviates.