Not Everything that Looks Like a Turd, Is

One of the problems with the MSM is attention span. I don’t know whether that is the sin of the reporters or one that reporters attribute to their audience. Either way, the essence of every report has to be reduced to a thirty second sound bite or a one liner. More often than not they seem to get it wrong. The shootings in El Paso and Dayton illustrate the point.

A gunman walks into a WalMart in El Paso and shoots the place up. The cops are still processing the scene when another gunman in Dayton twists off. Twenty-nine people are left dead, at the two scenes.

These are two separate events. Two different individuals. Two locations with no connection, cultural or geographic. The victims were engaged in disparate activities. A mid day shopping expedition at WalMart. Late night drinks and music at the other. In one, the shooter traveled hundreds of miles to carry out his rampage. In the other, the shooter was so close to home, his own sister was a victim. Yet the MSM lumps the two together in the same story.

Reports indicate that the El Paso shooter published a “manifesto.” It has since been taken down. But trust the media, they will explain what it said. Here is a redacted copy of the manifesto. Why redacted? The manifesto was said to run 2300 words, surely space wasn’t a consideration? Could it be the thoughts expressed were not entirely rational and conflicted with one another?

Read the MSM take and then read the redacted manifesto. I’m not sure the reporter and the writer are on the same page. I can see a major disconnect, can you?

The Dayton Ohio shooter didn’t leave a manifesto, but he did have a lot to say on Twitter. Here is how one reporter characterized his Twitter ramblings.

UPDATE: Dayton, Ohio murderer Connor Betts was a leftist, a gun control advocate, a fan of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and also of the Squad. So, Bernie, is he your guy? Are you responsible for his murderous rampage? Was it your hate speech that drove him to become a mass murderer? If not–once again–sit down and shut up.
Power line

As a starting place, when all you see are hoof prints and equine shit, think horses not zebras.

There are some practical considerations to consider. A lone gun man is not necessarily an indication of a widespread movement. Reading a wacko’s manifesto requires that it be taken as a whole. It is not a Chinese menu where the reader gets to choose one from column “A” and one from column “B”. Invariably, time while show that the shooters had been rubbing “Shit in their hair” for a long time. Nobody cared.

Friends and schoolmates described the El Paso shooter as weird, going back to middle school. He probably could have used some psychological intervention. Too bad such a thing wasn’t available. Oh, wait! Daddy is a licensed therapist. Okay, maybe dad couldn’t treat the kid. You’d think he could make a referral or qualify for a professional discount.

Bryan Crusius, the father of El PasoTexas shooting suspect Patrick Crusius, wrote a 2014 memoir about his battle with drug and alcohol abuse. Crusius, 63, also allegedly wrote about having visions of Jesus Christ and his dead grandmother. The book, titled Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery, details how Crusius’ relationship with Patrick’s mother fell apart, according to The Daily Mail.

Crusius now works as a licensed therapist and “energy and sound medicine practitioner” in Allen, Texas. In his book, he writes that he suffered from health problems that left an impact on his four children — Austin, his son with ex-wife Kathleen; and Patrick, Emily and Blake, from his marriage to second wife Lori.

The Dayton shooter was kicked out of school, briefly, for compiling a list of people he wanted to kill and girls he wanted to rape. For some reason he didn’t have a lot of friends.

Somehow, in the liberal mind set, it has become society’s fault that it didn’t conform to the twisted expectations of these dangerously broken losers. Appeasement hasn’t worked. The appropriate response when confronted by people who insist upon rubbing shit in their hair and shouting look at me, is not acceptance. Rubbing shit in one’s hair is not a celebration of creativity. It does not serve the cause of diversity. It is an indication that it is time to cull the herd.

Not every act is political. If I was being my typical smart ass self, I would make the following observation. The shooters were obviously committed liberals. Only a liberal can embrace mutually exclusive ideas without recognizing the conflict.

While such a sentiment is bedrock liberal thinking, it would be dishonest to apply it to active shooters.

Active shooters are attention seeking losers. They don’t happen overnight. Theirs is a journey filled with half steps, false turnings, double backs, and side trips. Their desire is to attract attention and be the star of their own show. Unfortunately they are not ate up with original thought. When their antics no longer achieve the desired result, when the stench of shit in their hair gets to be too much, the only thing left is the blaze of glory. It worked for Butch and Sundance, Bonnie and Clyde and Thelma and Louise.

Ascribing a political motive to a mass murder event with no information is dishonest. It is statistically likely that the Dayton shooter targeted his sister. This isn’t about guns, politics, or race. This is about two misfits who went looking for notoriety.