Nomination for Hero Badge (Wanted State Police Director, No Scruples Necessary)

(Boston, MA) – State Police Colonel Richard McKeon speaks to media on Thursday, November 9, 2017 after the Massachusetts State Police Awards Ceremony at The Massachusetts Statehouse. Staff Photo by Patrick Whittemore

Update 11/11/2017


Update 11/09/2017

Howie_Carr/2017/11/Carr_who_put_the_shiv_into_an_honest_cop What does a Massachusetts State Police Trooper call the Biggest Scum bag, he is liable to run across?


Answer: Colonel Richard D. McKeon, Superintendent

Allie Bibaud (left) and Judge Timothy Bibaud (right) no longer reflected in her arrest report, due to her father’s efforts, but Allie Bibaud will suck a dick in order to obtain heroin.

There are two philosophies in writing a police report. One school of thought is that the report is brief, to the point and cite only essential facts necessary to prove the offense charged and identify evidence and people involved. Another school of thought suggests that the writer cover all the events from start to finish, including statements, observations, and opinions drawn from facts observed. Cops-reprimanded-for-vulgar-comments-in-arrest-report-of-judges-daughter/

I fall into the more is more philosophy. As a County Attorney, I once worked for observed that a defendant who pissed his pants or defecated on himself is an automatic guilty plea. It also works when the photo of the defendant you plan to offer for identification purposes shows the defendant in all his transvestite glory. A female defendant talked her way into a conviction on a drug charge by identifying a fluorescent purple dildo as it crawled its way out of the bedroom into the living room: “As her special friend.” The judge apparently agreed with my contention that keeping such a device in the bedside table demonstrated a degree of comfort not commonly found in a stranger’s residence.

In the Cop’s and Prosecutor’s defense, knowing Massachusetts politics the Judge is appointed for life and is guaranteed to be vindictive. Discretion may well be the better part of valor. Chances are the cops would have reached this conclusion and put on a case where her statement was not an issue.

However, the Judge, by making the report and statement an issue has triggered the Streisand Effect. That is when the effort to cover up an embarrassing moment gains more publicity than the original faux pas.

Daddy must be so proud of his little girl.