Nomination for Hero Badge

Cop Fired for Boffing Hooker in On-going relationship

Used to be officers didn’t have to resort to patronizing prostitutes. I can’t help wondering if there isn’t a cause and effect, a shift in our culture that has upset the natural order. In the old days, an officer’s next piece of strange was as close as the next Jim’s Restaraunt. There always seemed to be a waitress willing to accommodate an officer. One pair of Jim’s waitresses, back in the seventies, claims to have given more blowjobs to SAPD officers than the entire San Antonio Police Officer’s Wives Association combined. Nobody has ever stepped forward to challenge that assertion. What changed?San-Antonio-police-officer-fired-for-dating-hooker

One thing has remained the same, those Jim’s waitresses from the seventies are still working. Young patrol officers are an arrogant lot and fail to recognize and appreciate expertise. Jim’s waitresses have changed also. There are better than even odds that some of the waitresses aren’t. However, that doesn’t take away from their oral ability and willingness to apply their knowledge. Young SAPD patrolmen are bashful; they haven’t figured out how to ask for an equipment check gracefully. Despite his best efforts Chief McManus still has work to do, to get the rank and file to accept a transexual liaison.

At any rate, a 22 year veteran of SAPD found a clean low mileage hooker and set her up in an apartment. The SAPD frowned on the relationship. Oh, Sheriff Copeland (“What he does on his own time is his own bidness”) where are you now?