Nomination for Hero Badge


The Uniform may be 15th Century, the weapon isn’t

I have a buddy who was the first Sergeant on the original  San Antonio Police SWAT team. When the team was created there was very little money for equipment and very little equipment available for purchase. SWAT was not stylish like it is to day. Most of the equipment BDUS, load bearing gear, pouches, boots, firearms were military in origin. 

The BDUS and related equipment were practical, the team would advance into a situation where it wasn’t always practical to rotate in and out. So they had to carry a wider variety of equipment in anticipation of the need. They had to rely on cover and concealment and therefore blend into the environment. Finally, a team outfitted in BDUS signaled to the bad guys that they were facing a trained disciplined force, so there was a potential intimidation factor.

These days BDUS are no longer unique, the lunch ladies in the county jail wear BDUS. What’s an elite force to do? Since I haven’t picked on the FEDS for a while, they’ll do as an example of an organization that needs an extreme make over. Let’s start with a new tactical uniform that is immediately identifiable that nobody else will want to copy. I give you the uniform of the Pontifical Swiss Guard (above) nobody will want to copy it. Since everything in the Vatican if for sale a licensing arrangement ought to be cheap.

While we’re at it a rousing fight song might be appropriate. Given the investigative prowess involved in investigations of the IRS, Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, the Comey cover-up, and the non-existent Russian connection; what could be more appropriate than Peggy Lee’sSend in the Clowns”

The combination of song and uniforms should put Federal Investigative efforts in the proper perspective.

My job is done.