Nomination for Hero Badge (Update)

New Standard

I suspect by now everybody has seen the video of the Antifa protester catching a pepper ball in the balls. I watched it about six times. The first time to establish what happened and the other five just out of pure delight.

We may never know the identity of the cop who fired the shot, but he is known. He is the guy that threw down the gauntlet to his fellow officers by saying just before pulling the trigger those immortal words, “Watch this.” This is a case where the other refrain typically heard is such a situation, “Hey, hold my beer,” was inappropriate.

I predict by next week, week after at the latest Antifa thugs will all be wearing a metal garbage can lid at waist level. There will be a competition among the cops to be recognized as the weekly, “Top Shot.”

The Jawa Report v3.0 Beta has a statement from the Antifa idiot who took a pepper ball to the balls. After watching the video, I have concluded that his injuries were more severe than first believed. It is clear that he must have sustained head injuries.