Nomination For Hero Badge

There is more to this than meets the eye. The Deputy ran against the Sheriff in the last election and lost and apparently is making plans to run again. Sheriff is an elected position; brains are not required to get elected, just money. 

Although the deputy provided actual quotes from the Quran to support his position, those were the quotes liberals have been instructed to ignore. By going public, even on a blog, the Deputy has taken a contrary position to official Sheriff’s Office policy. I am sure that the Sheriff used catch phrases like:  or Insubordination, or the ever popular “Conduct prejudicial to good order,” (CUBO) in charging the Deputy. Iowa Deputy Fired for Quoting the Quran.

Reading between the lines, the Sheriff and the Deputy hate the sight of each other, and this ongoing feud will continue until only one of them are left. What you are seeing are two master manipulators at work. The Quran issue is less reason and more like an excuse. There was already a pending lawsuit in Federal Court this will just provide more fuel for the fire.