Nomination for Hero Badge

Texas cop fired switching drug sniffing k-9 regular dog.  A police Sergeant apparently substituted another black lab for his drug detecting canine, a black lab named Easter.  The switch was discovered when the Mayor discovered that the dog presented by the Sergeant didn’t respond to his name and showed no interest in searching for drugs.  Another case where when the handler and the K-9 are in the car together, the dog is the brains of the outfit.

There are a number of problems facing the Sergeant.  First is a felony theft charge, the dog was valued at over $2000.  In all likelihood there is also a monthly stipend for care and feeding of the K-9.  Secondly, any search conducted by the dog is invalid.  This sets up perjury and tampering with a government record charges for each instance where the dog was used.  Federal Civil rights violations also come into play.

I would say something about violating the public trust, but I’m not sure that comes into play.  The current police chief is under suspension accused of stealing drugs from the evidence room.  The fire chief was jailed for raping a twelve year old girl.  Sounds like the Sergeant was a paragon of virtue standing beside these two.  I am not sure there is any public trust in the department.

Driscoll, Texas population under 600 has a five  make that a three man police department who’s main reason to exist is traffic enforcement.  It sits astride US 77 a main drug smuggling route.  I don’t know if it still holds true, but police management experts used to say that if a police department could field nine officers (total) then it had no reason to exist.