Nomination for Hero Badge

Cops apologize for offering to put Shit heads in jail.

Does anybody know how to set up a “Go Fund Me” account? I want to establish a fund for a police Chief in urgent need of a prosthetic device. Please give.

Chief Bill Cochran, Topeka PD

The Chief is in desperate need of a ball transplant.

Brass balls for police chiefs

I have a friend who is a retired police chief. He gave a more reasoned response. He pointed out that police departments have to be aware of the trap inherent in social media. The effort to be edgy, or humorous, can have a downside. He is right.

He also points out that when a posting fails, resulting in negative reaction, the calf scramble to avoid responsibility or claim self righteousness is not pretty. (My words, not his). Again, he is right.

I guess where we part ways is that the post should never have been made. I think it is funny as hell and that cops have no need to apologize when, comes to putting assholes in jail. Guess that is why I was never a police chief.

As another retired cop put it. The cop that came up with that tweet is wasted sitting in front of a computer screen. He needs to be on the street working patrol or narcotics.

Years ago, there was a San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) vice squad investigator who instituted an Easter Sunday undercover prostitution sting. This guy had been in vice so long that he was on a first name basis with most of the whores. There was no way he could work undercover.

That is, until he showed up on Easter Sunday driving a borrowed El Dorado Cadillac convertible while wearing a rabbit costume. He soon swept the street corners clear of whores. Who could resist the allure of a perverted bunny driving a Cadillac?

These days a complaint from PETA would have shut the whole operation down.