Nomination For Hero Badge

Cop insensitivity

Muslims and fellow goat fuckers are upset because Australian cops put together a training video. The terrorists were wearing Muslim head gear. I forget what they call it. I call it a diaper for those with shit for brains. The cops apologized for being insensitive. Where ever did the cops get the idea that Muslims were terrorists?

Idiots to the left of me, posers to the right

I was teaching patrol tactics in a basic police academy, about forty years ago. As part of the lesson I showed a training film that outlined the patterns of encounters between police and violent felons. The film showed recreations of incidents where police officers were killed and then suggested tactics that may have changed the outcome.

Typically students were rather subdued at the conclusion of the film. I used the film as a catalyst for discussion. I asked the students for their reaction. One female student volunteered that the incidents and tactics depicted in the film were not valid. After all, the cops weren’t wearing the same color uniform as hers.

That ended the session. How could one argue with such logic?

In the interest of helping the Australian cops out I have provided what may be suitable substitute bad guys for their next training video.