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Who Is Stewart Weldon? New Details About The Man Caught With A Kidnapped Woman In His Car And Three Dead Bodies In His Backyard

 Emily Van Devender,YourTango 13 hours ago 

Who Are Stewart Weldon's Victims? Details Man Found With Woman In Trunk Charged With Murdering 3 People

Stewart Weldon’s crimes were first uncovered after an attempted routine traffic stop for a broken taillight on May 27, 2018 — but that was only the beginning.

Weldon, of Massachusetts, tried to flee from the police, leading them on a chase that ended when the 40-year-old crashed into a patrol car. A woman who was in his vehicle at the time told police that her life was in danger. It turned out that Weldon had held her prisoner in his home for over a month, raping her regularly. She also had several serious injuries at the time of the chase, including stab wounds.

This is an example of why a traffic ticket is not just a traffic ticket. People complain about the way police conduct themselves, “it was only a traffic ticket!” Cops know that the person they stop may be to Joe Citizen going to get a quart of milk. Then again, the driver could be like this guy with a kidnap, rape victim in the car and three dead bodies at home. The cop doesn’t get to pick which one.

It should come as no surprise that when crooks need to get from point “A” to point “B” the first choice in transportation is a private vehicle. Experience has shown them that dragging a kidnap victim or the chopped up remains of the mother-in-law onto a cross town bus attracts unwanted attention. About 20% of police officers killed, in any given year, are killed during traffic stops. 

 This guy has an extensive criminal history with several felony convictions. His prison time was measured in months. Texas knows what Massachusetts forgot. If rehabilitation doesn’t work, warehousing convicts until they are old and gray is the next best thing. Massachusetts deserves what it gets. I am not sure that the three dead women and the kidnap victim deserved what they got.