Nomination for Hero Badge

 MIT’s Police Chief John DiFava 

I hate to keep picking on the Massachusetts State Police, but Howie Carr makes it so easy. The former Colonel of the MSP, now MIT police Chief was caught trying to steal a box of rocks from the railroad bed at an MBTA station.

According to the MBTA officer’s report, she observed DiFava down on the tracks, picking up rocks and placing them in a bag. She ordered him off the tracks and discovered his rock collection. He claimed he wasn’t doing anything wrong and refused to identify himself. 

The officer pointed out he was trespassing on railroad property (the tracks). He was enough of a horses’s ass that she called for backup. He eventually produced identification. The officer declined to make an arrest, but she did write a report. See the link.

I’m sure this sack dragging piece-of-shit decided he could verbally abuse the officer because she was a transit cop. Guess what asshole, she gotcha.