Nomination for Hero Badge

One of these two sits down to pee can you pick the correct one?

Got sidetracked there for a moment. The Chapter 90 Marines are having a tough spring. It was bad when it was revealed that a group of State Police Troopers had padded their extra-job overtime earnings. No side deals in Massachusetts, pay the going rate to the agency’s requirements and they pay the officer.

Now it turns out there was a glitch in the software that prevented proper record keeping. The glitch has been there, uncorrected since 2014. Eight of the accused troopers, most of whom retired, very suddenly, earned in excess of a million dollars in extra detail, overtime costs over a four year period.

I don’t think I have properly described the work involved. This is money that contractors pay the state so that the contractors can work on roads, bridges, sewers, utilities; you get the idea. Before the contractors can hope to do any of this work they have to have specified number of police officers with butts in the seat of patrol cars. Think about that, want a new bridge, ok fine that’ll be 25 million, completion in 12 months, plus 3 troopers for 8760 hours at $40 an hour $350,400 to sit on the side of the road and read comic books.Ain’t gonna have any of this “Rent a Wino”, given him an orange vest and a flag at $7.50 an hour. It is the same with municipalities, only personal, city cops won’t hesitate to arrest city public works for violating the rule. Hidden_payroll_reveals_8_troopers_earned_1 million_or_more

The governor is in a tough spot. There a bunch of troopers out there that cheated the taxpayer, on the other hand, there are at least eight donors out there with really deep pockets.