Nomination for Hero Badge


Nobody knows to what extent a dedicated member of the criminal justice community will have to go in order to reach a true understanding of the criminal element that he/she must deal with every day. The public sees the time the judge spends on the bench but gives him no credit for the time spent doing legal research, writing legal briefs, managing cases and conducting pretrial conferences. Some judges, ever driven, continue their research even into the nighttime hours. Long Island-judge-accused-of-burglary/ 

Judge Robert Cicale may be the butt of jokes now, but once his defense kicks in the Judge will prove to be a victim of circumstances. His tireless search for the truth and justice will be something to emulate. I suspect he was trying to prove or disprove a two-pronged point of contention from one of his pending trials: (1) Can a burglar obtain sexual gratification by stealing women’s panties, as the prosecution contends or the defense contends: (2) he was just trying to eat and the panties were intended as soup base, a purely economic crime.

Hope he brought enough for two.