Nomination for a Hero Badge and Asshole of the Month

Jacob, Is that you?

This would be a hands-down winner for Nomination for Hero Badge, but for the dishonesty of the writer who publicized the story. I felt the need to come up with a new category and make this a joint award.

Jacob Sullum, according to his bio is a nationally syndicated columnist and a Senior Editor for Reason, As to syndicated columnist, can’t prove it by me. I believe that he edited his own piece because no person with ethics, scruples or the slightest hold on reality would allow such a work product to reach a public forum.

Here’s how he starts: The fake drug dealers, who were from the city’s 12th Precinct, planned to arrest anyone who approached them and seize their vehicles—actions that would rightly be recognized as assault, kidnapping, The 12th Precinct cops were confronted 11th Precinct cops The fake drug buyers, who were from the 11th Precinct, planned to arrest people for agreeing to the consensual exchange of merchandise for money. 

Two adjoining Precincts, trust me the cops knew before the first fist flew that it was a case of cop on cop. Somebody didn’t file an appropriate raid plan and do a call down. The officers were just trying to establish who was the responsible party. Many departments do not allow street level reversals (selling small quantities of purported drugs). The quantities of drugs required and approvals necessary make the practice nearly impossible at a street level deal.

I have gone cop on cop buying and selling and because both sides played by the rules the cover teams were notified of each other’s presence in the opening minutes of the deal. In fact, cover agents ended up sitting with the opposing team on both sides. We all drank doubles and put it on the undercover’s tab, that’s what he gets for wasting our time.

He seems to be saying that the only time a drug deal is illegal is when the police are involved. Illegal conduct is otherwise Okay. I have heard that sentiment expressed before, didn’t work then, doesn’t work now. Do the people in the neighborhood have a say? Junkies passed out on stoops, pissing in stairwells and hallways, stealing anything that isn’t nailed down, harassing passersby, is this just the price Mr. Sullum expects the neighborhood to pay? Mr. Sullum are you available to walk the kids to and from school through the gauntlet of people for agreeing to the consensual exchange of merchandise for money. 

Enough of this bullshit! Normally I would be all over this because the cops were being jerks in the first place. It is a close run thing between Nomination for a Hero Badge and here comes a new category; “Asshole of the Month.” We have a tie. For dishonesty in Journalism, going above and beyond the call of duty and reaching new lows I give you Jacob Sullum. He is so low that henceforth when you make that squishy step you will be relieved to find out it was dog shit and not Sullum you stepped in.