Nomination For A Hero Badge

Hopefully the First Amendment will prevent this sort of thing here. At least as long as it lasts. Don’t take it for granted.

This happened in England. Police in England opened an investigation on a British man who posted a limerick. He is suspected of “hate speech”. Even the cops admit that he committed no crime. However, the police want to “check his thinking.”

I had to work to find the Limerick. The newspapers did not choose to print it. Anybody interested in the incident would just have to take the police assessment that the limerick was offensive. Bullshit! Here it is:

You’re a man. 
Your breasts are made of silicone 
Your vagina goes nowhere 
And we can tell the difference 
Even when you are not there 
Your hormones are synthetic 
And lets just cross this bridge 
What you have you stupid man 
Is male privilege.
You’re a man, you’re a man 
We can say it, yes we can 
That you’ll never be a woman 
Even if that is your plan 
Every cell is coded male 
From your birth until the grave 
You are simply a man 
Neither stunning nor brave
Your penis isn’t womanly 
Your wig is poorly made 
Your idea of womanhood 
Just doesn’t make the grade 
You think we are just caricatures 
Or porn tropes for your use 
You pretend that you can be us 
But it’s merely more abuse
Your great big hands and manly head 
Are difficult to hide 
A hand in front of Adam’s fruit 
Proof does not provide 
That you have changed your actual sex 
Because your brain is pink 
It’s laughable to those of us 
Who can actually think.

Just because it is difficult, doesn’t mean it is not worth doing.