Nomination For A Hero Badge

Most people expect to be screwed when dealing with government, at any level. A woman, in Florida, found the cost of speed bumps was more than she was willing to pay. Mayor David Stewart of Lantana, Florida told a constituent that if she put out, he would put up speed bumps. 

I never understood why the FBI spent thousands of dollars bribing local politicians. Been my experience, an eightball of cocaine, a jug of whiskey and a slow handjob would buy most city councils. 

Florida mayor solicited sex for speed bumps, ethics panel finds

/ 9:20 AM CDT By Kalhan Rosenblatt

David Stewart has been the mayor of Lantana, Florida, since 2000.Oct. 31, 2018

A Florida mayor is accused of soliciting sex from a constituent in exchange for speed bumps, according to the Florida Commission on Ethics and local reports.

In a press release on Oct. 24, the commission found that there was probable cause to find that David Stewart, the mayor of Lantana, Florida, “misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself.”

Stewart solicited sex from a constituent “based on an understanding his vote, official action, or judgment would be influenced,” the commission said.