Nomination For A Hero Badge

I ran across this decision on the Volokh Conspiracy. I have a simple solution for those Chicago SWAT team members who were butt hurt because they were required to unload their vehicles without compensation. Report to traffic control on Monday. Traffic enforcement is very important. It gives really stupid cops something to do. Chicago PD needs to reevaluate their selection criteria for SWAT team members. I wouldn’t go through a door with any of those idiots.

Chicago SWAT team members take their gear home—like night-vision goggles and rifles—so that they can respond quickly if they receive a call while off-duty. But the city requires that they take the gear inside their house rather than leaving it in the car, a process they estimate takes fifteen minutes. Does the city need to pay them for that quarter hour? Seventh Circuit: No.

There is another solution. Mandate that all Chicago cops turn in all of their firearms. Set up a system where they are issued guns at the beginning of the shift and turn them in at the end of shift. Credit the SWAT guys with the new policy and announce that it is going to be put in place in the near future. The issue will solve itself inside of a week.