Nomination For A Hero Badge

Folks decry police violence. Some point to the “militarization” of cops. They claim that outfitting cops in Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) contributed to an aggressive mindset. The BDU uniform served to intimidate citizens, thus further erecting barriers between the two. After all, clothes make the man. I never wore a BDU style uniform for everyday use. I was assigned to a narcotics task force. The boss was happy if we showed up wearing pants. I’m not sure I buy that argument. For those unfamiliar with the concept I provided some pictures.

Nah, I don’t think BDUs are the cause or have any effect on police actions. However, I’m willing to propose an experiment. Austin, Texas would seem to offer a perfect test bed. The City has cut the police budget by half. The Governor is threatening to take the police department away from the city. He proposes to have the Texas Department of Public Safety take over. Keep in mind the unofficial motto of Austin is: “Keep Austin Weird.”

I’m not sure that Gov. Abbott’s plan is a solution. Based on my experience with DPS, they don’t know anything about law enforcement. But as a, first step, I suggest outfitting this newly created entity in a uniform that departs from conventional police attire.

This new uniform departs from the militaristic past. It presents a softer more nurturing approach. It is entirely in keeping with the Austin mindset of keeping, Austin weird. The photo is just a concept, actual color choices are up for discussion. However, I believe this could be the beginning of a new concept in policing. I give you the new Austin almost police department uniform.

Bright and airy and nothing says diversity like this, as a uniform.

I realize that traditionalists may be resistant to the idea. Austin is the perfect test bed, If it and the city fails, the only thing Texas has lost are politicians and prostitutes.

All great ideas initially met with resistance