Nomination for a Hero Badge

Legend has it that the famous French Connection case had its beginning because because two NYPD Detectives were too tired to go home.

Detectives Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso stop off at a New York nightclub, the Copacabana, because they are to wired to sleep after working twenty-four hours straight. They observe a group of wiseguys sucking up to a nobody husband and wife. Intrigued they set out to find out who they are and why they command such respect.  From this encounter came the largest heroin seizure in NYPD history. 

Seattle TSA worker arrested voyeurism charge.  Nicholas Fernandez, works at Seattle Tacoma International Airport.  He was on a break from groping passengers and pawing through their stuff.  But the call of duty was to strong. As he followed a woman up the escalator he was observed using his smart phone to shoot ” up skirt pictures”. That same inquiring spirit that led Egan and Grosso to make the largest heroin seizure in NYPD history, led Fernandez to the county jail where he was required to post $7500 bond.

It is all a matter of context.