Nomination For A Hero Badge

Chest freezer big enough for a side of beef, or one grandmother.

This nomination for a hero badge does not involve a law enforcement agency. Nope, this time the honor goes to the Social Security Administration.

 Glenora Reckford Delahay died in March 2004, police said. She was 97 years old. A granddaughter hid her body in a chest freezer for fifteen years. She needed grandma’s social security check.

The police got involved in 2019. It’s about time. Must have been the social security administration. It isn’t everyday that they cut a check for a recipient that is 112 years old. Nope.

Seems the bank foreclosed on the property where grandma and the freezer was located. Two women inspecting the property found the body. If they hadn’t, social security would still be cutting checks today.

Direct deposit ensures that bureaucrats will have time to drink coffee, play computer solitaire and attend meetings. Questioning a transaction upsets everybody’s day. They might have to work or take responsibility. Why would anybody question checks being cut to a recipient that was 112 years old? A potential crosscheck of this person’s Medicare activity involves work.

The Down Side to Automatic Anything

Ronald White

Meet Ronald White. Mr. White retired from the United States Navy. He did a lot of traveling and had sporadic contact with his family. He maintained a base in an apartment in Desoto, a suburb of Dallas.

He apparently had direct deposit for his Navy pension and automatic bill pay for his apartment rent and associated fees.

The medical examiner estimates that he had been dead in his apartment for three years before he was discovered.

I have had two recent incidents where the cat has changed the settings on my computer. I chalked it up to her walking on the keyboard.

I’m not paranoid but now I am beginning to wonder. Is she trying to learn how to operate the computer? Could she be trying to access Amazon delivery? Is she preparing for the time when I’m not around? Nah….